Charleston, South Carolina Towing Industry Reality: 

Charleston Towing Company and our partners consider It Disappointing for Most Towing Companies to Take advantage of Bad Ethical Practices by Exploiting Temporary Vulnerabilities in Customers

Yes, we said it because we understand it, and that's why we're on the web right now! We want you to understand the Charleston towing industry's challenges and know that we are tackling those challenges head-on. In most cases, choosing the wrong towing company can be a very costly mistake. 

Many Charleston customers are experiencing last-minute price changes and longer-than-expected wait times. Not only is this costly, but it also wastes time and increases the miserable experience of dealing with incompetent towing companies. You don't have to deal with this. 

Charleston Towing wants you to know that impeccable service, fast and safe towing service, and you can always rely on us to win your business at a low price! Our company is changing the towing industry. 

Our drivers are professional and are on standby 24 hours a day. Win a towing business with first-class towing services and a competitive flat rate. We offer a flat rate for towing services and various breakdown services. 

Call Charleston Towing for a 5-star towing service.

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tow truck in charleston

Do you need towing or towing service in Charleston? Our tow truck drivers are second to none and can save you from traffic jams. Call the address, model, and vehicle manufacturer. Thank you so much for being so supportive today!

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roadside assistance in charleston south carolina

Have you ever run out of gas or had a flat tire? We understand, life happens, and the body doesn't have time for it! Charleston Towing Company offers the best roadside assistance service available! Don't you believe us? Call now and see for yourself.

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flatbed towing in charleston south carolina

Charleston Towing Company has the best low-loader tow trucks in all of Central South Carolina. You are ready if your vehicle has any notable changes, such as: Call me today.

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flat rate towing


Orlando Towing Company provides affordable, flat rate tows for all of our customers. A true no-hassle towing experience like no other, We and our trusted partners believe that the flat rate tow is the most efficient and customer friendly service we can offer.
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long distance towing service charleston sc

Long Distance Towing Service

Long Distance Towing takes into account a variety of factors and provides the equipment needed to handle logistics. Please send us a phone call or email today to set up your long-haul tractor!

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wrecker service charleston sc


In the event of an accident, the best tow truck company on site will help you. We have a bed that can free your car from any situation. Your safety is our number one priority.

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