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Charleston Towing Company has been there for many clients when they are in an accident, or their car stops working. We are here to provide the best wrecker service in Charleston. It is not our plan to take advantage of your situation like other companies will after an accident. Your safety is our top priority, so we will immediately send someone to your location once you call us. For instance, one of our clients, Lori, was in an accident and did not have enough cash on hand to have her car towed. Everyone else that she called stated it was cash upfront and it would be more than an hour before they could get there. Lori was in a bind. She needed to get home so that her babysitter could get home. She called us, and we were there in 15 minutes. She could get home on time, and we even gave her the contact information for the best mechanic in town. Charleston Towing earned its business with excellent towing service and inexpensive towing. Make sure to call us if you're in a bind. We tow cars!


Do not get stuck dealing with a bad towing company, especially if you have been in an accident. We care about your safety and making sure that you are taken care of. We work closely with some of the best mechanics in town and have affordable towing services for those who need them. If you are in an accident, choose to work with us, and you can see why our tow truck customers choose us over the competition. 

Here's some of our reviews on our towing service:


"This is the best towing company in Charleston! One day I was riding my bike when a Chevy Malibu decided to cut across Savannah Hwy right into me. The car knocked me right off my bike. Before the police showed up Charleston Towing Company was already there working on my bike with the insurance agent. They were really fast and waited for my insurance agent to figure out everything before they towed my bike. I would recommend Charleston Towing Company for any towing situation." Alex. T

"One day I took my Camaro out and decided I wanted to let it rip. This impulsive decision made me drive right into a concrete rain drain. I was lucky that I came away from the accident with only a concussion but at the time I was very disoriented. I had saved Charleston Towing Company's information a while back and decided to give them a call. Peter was extremely helpful and got a tow truck driver dispatched to me in what seemed like no time at all. He even checked up on me to see if I need ambulance services as well which was nice. My wrecker service that was provided by Charleston Towing Company deserves 5 stars."

"Ever been at the wrong place at the wrong time? One day I was backing out my Lexus IS series from a parking lot downtown Charleston when this guy decided to t bone my passenger side engine. The collision left me needing a towing company because my car wouldn't start and come to find out my car actually got totaled for it. I needed a towing company more then ever so I went on Google and looked up Charleston Towing Company. This towing company took great care of me from the original phone call, to the tow truck driver taking care of my car. Even though the car was totaled Charleston Towing Company still did a great job. I hope I don't need to but It's great that we have this awesome towing company here in Charleston." Tanya L.




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